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The Coffee with Christ Mission
We promise to give free prayers to everyone, provide a faith-based and loving environment​​​​ for all people, provide a place to pray, worship, and fellowship, provide food and drink to shelters/pantries, promote donations to the community, encourage and support events for the community, host Bible studies for kids, provide faith-based, family entertainment events, encourage and support mission programs, enlist Christian speakers and authors to visit, provide free bibles to those in need, and spread the Gospel in a loving way.

Coffee with Christ Belleville Menu

Meals served MondayFriday 10am-3:30pm, and Saturday 10am-1:30pm



House Salad $6.99 whole/$4.99 half
Mixed greens topped with fresh cucumber, onion, cherry tomato, and croutons, served with our house dressing. V

Seasonal Spring Salad $6.99 whole/$4.99 half
Spinach and mixed greens, watermelon chunks, cucumber, onion, walnuts, and feta cheese, served with lemon vinaigrette dressing. GF

House (Creamy Italian blend) V
Thousand Island
Lemon Vinaigrette V



Impossible Burger Slider $8.99
Two delicious, hearty, meaty flavored burger sliders on warm grilled rolls with lettuce, tomato, onion, and our signature sauce. Served with chips. V

Chicken Salad $7.99
Served on ciabatta bread with lettuce and tomato. Served with chips.

Chickpea Salad $7.99
A tantalizing meat alternative to the chicken salad on sourdough bread with lettuce and tomato. V Served with chips.

Veggie Sandwich $7.99
An amazing display of flavors on ciabatta bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, and our signature sauce. V Served with chips.

Turkey Sandwich $7.99
Sliced turkey on sourdough bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo. Served with chips.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich $5.99
Prepared on sourdough bread. Served with chips.

*Please specify vegan or non vegan cheese

***Substitute bread on any sandwich for a gluten free option.

Substitute chips for coleslaw or pasta salad. $1.00


Pick any two 1/2 items $8.50

Pick any three 1/2 items $10.50



Pasta Salad V $2
Chips $1



These vary daily, but often include:
Donuts $1.50
Cheesecake V GF $3.99
Chocolate Cake V GF $3.99

Coffee with Christ


6 Wade Square
Belleville, IL 62221


Mon-Fri 6:30am-4pm
Sat 7am-2pm
Sun Closed